Our Foundation gives back the proceeds to the community through programs such as: Fallbrook Land Conservancy, Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary, Rally for the Children, Fallbrook Senior Center, Fallbrook Unifed High School; Scholarships, Athletic & Music Programs,  Fallbrook Elementary Schools; Student Learning Programs, Spelling Bee, 3rd Grade Book Project, Fallbrook Youth Baseball, Ingold Field Flag Pole, Jeremiah’s Ranch, Fallbrook A Leer,  Fallbrook Community Center, Fallbrook Arts and Music and have “adopted” Marine Units stationed at Camp Pendleton; the Purple Foxes and CLB 13, providing the dependents and active duty personnel with greatly needed goods, services, and support.  Rotary District 5340 Programs for our Youth: RYLA, LEADS and Interact.  We have also sponsored two international projects, Kenya Water Project in Africa and Micro-bank in Central America.  And, we support the Rotaries International Project to eradicate polio, END POLIO NOW.


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Gus & The Weeks Family

Imagine you see a large crate. It rattles like the tasmanian devil. You hear snarls! Would you put your hand in there? Yes, stick a hand in to pet our dear Gus. He would simply lick your fingers and continue his noisy antics. That is how Don and I met Gus at a Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary adoption event. Once he was out of that crate, we hugged him tightly as he leaned into us. 

We simply needed each other. Gus had been at the sanctuary for several months —requiring special care after running loose in Mexico. We had lost our last dog to cancer three days previously and couldn’t stand our “dogless” house. As soon as we got home, Gus showed us the dog hula. He jumped in the air wiggling his shoulders in his own happy dance. Gus and I play hide and seek, and he actually disappears and leaps  at me. He went hiking with Don up to the Monserate Mountain top but decided a shorter hike was better. He galloped down the other side to sit in the shade sooner. When Gus joins us for our evening walks, he has to nose and greet everyone he sees. He particularly likes to peek in at the people at Old 395. 

By the way, Gus certainly doesn’t sleep in any crate. He refuses to stay in the kitchen where we keep is bed. Last night, he laid really close to our bedroom; he literally bonked his behind into our door.

Most people only want a new puppy from some breeder. Why not come to the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary choose a mature but goofy dog. Tell them Gus sent you!